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the more I think about my past self the more I


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Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc. (29,487 plays)


you’ve got a new horizon, it’s ephemeral style,
a melancholy town where we never smile.
and all i wanna hear is the message beep,
my dreams, they’ve got to kiss, because i don’t get sleep no

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my chemical romance is the best band of all time

thought this for the first time when i was 12, and now I’m nearly 22 and I stand by this statement

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we need to stop idealizing “speaking out” to the point where victims/survivors feel coerced to share their traumatic experiences around sexualized violence because they feel like they need to prove that they deserve support for being “brave enough” to speak out about it. there is tremendous strength and vulnerability in silence. i need us to stop relying on this model of bleeding ourselves dry in order for transformation of the self and others to happen.

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Seon Hwang for Ceci Korea May 2014


Seon Hwang for Ceci Korea May 2014

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Rihanna for Vogue Brazil #8

Rihanna for Vogue Brazil #8

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"Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it."

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i stopped breathing

i stopped breathing

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